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domain Authority

The number of root domains which link to different pages on your website (rather than getting all links pointing directly to your homepage) can be called as domain authority. As as much the other blogs and websites will link to your blog that is will refer to your site.

So you can also understand that when your blog will rank higher and it will happen when SEO will improve and then others will start referring your site and the domain authority will also improve.

Focus points to improve domain authority:

Maintaining a good site structure:

  • Keep your site clean and give lots of white space to help audience.
  • Building a nice site map.
  • Keeping site load time as minimum as possible.
  • Keep linking your contents internally in nice manner.

Content optimization:

  • Try to keep ¬†content character over 500 characters.
  • Try to use proper paragraph in places.
  • Try to use alt attributes for images used.
  • Keep updating old contents.

On page SEO:

  • Use focus keywords in your content atleast 2 times.
  • Use a relative image in your post if possible.
  • Don’t use many tags, keep them in small amount and keep the most relative ones.
  • Still meta description counts, so try to use meta description for your posts.

Media outreach:

  • Create your website profiles in social media websites like Facebook, Pinterest.
  • Always reply to comments against the posts in your blog.
  • In the social profiles give link of your recently published articles.

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