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Zostel, India’s first backpackers den

The Zostel story: IIM Calcutta student Dharamveer Chauhan an avid gamer tried his luck at games which had a prize component like gambling. One lucky day, he went on to make $ 10,000 which gave him the capital to start experimenting with and implementing his ideas. He got his idea when he interned at couple of companies in Europe and ... Read More »

Live braille a startup for visually impaired

A group of students from Chitkara University made a gloves which is going to help the visually impaired persons to navigate through the crowded sidewalk or a traffic filled road without using any stick or a third person. The gloves is going to help the person to sense the obstacles near him upto a certain distance by variant vibration technique. ... Read More »

WhatsApp, Facebook’s New $19 Billion Baby

FaceBook grabs WhatsApp with $19 B biggest till date FaceBook’s $19 billion deal in cash and shares on WhatsApp is ”incredibly valuable” in Mark Zuckerberg’s words. But still many is not getting point of this deal. After the Instagram acquisition by $1 billion and after offering SnapChat $3 billion it is really a big amount of deal in the FaceBook history. Koum ... Read More »